Staff Directory


Principal - Mrs. Devon Sawby

Assistant Principal - Mr. Jordan Flower

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Cheryl Steadman

Office Staff

Receptionist - Ms. Kelly Blakney

Administrative Assistant II - School - Ms. Rhonda Herron-Bymoen

Administrative Assistant III - School - Ms. Nancy Friesen

Child Development Advisor (CDA) - Ms. Erin Teixeira

Child Development Advisor (CDA) - Ms. Jody Laird


Ms. Elyse Popko

Ms. Sarah Leffler

Grade 1

Mr. Lemar Borstad

Ms. Jodie Guenther

Ms. Marianna Moodie

Ms. Alison Newby

Grade 2

Ms. Kennedy Fletcher

Mr. Lucas Miller

Ms. Trista Penton

Ms. Stephanie Toombs

Grade 3

Ms. Janet Chapman

Ms. Tare Rennebohm

Mr. Rick Simms

Ms. Gladys Sowers

Grade 4

Ms. Kunthea Chhom

Mr. Joshua Pate

Mr. Dwayne Russ

Grade 4/5

Ms. Michelle Tamboly-Balsara

Grade 5

Ms. Paula Maguire

Ms. Yvonne Toney

Grade 6

Ms. Kalee Fogarty

Ms. Katy Funtasz

Ms. Ashley Lepage

Mr. Michael MacKenzie

Mr. Makayla Widmer

Ms. Camile Ellis

Grade 7

Ms. Patti Ball

Ms. Elizabeth Creed

Ms. Kourtney Gibson

Mr. Biran Hartmann

Mr. Evan Stark

Grade 8

Mr. Daniel Doherty

Mr. Allan Wong

Mr. Mackenzie Lafleur

Ms. Christina Martyniuk

Ms. Katy Younger

Physical Education

Athletic Director & Physical Education - Mr. Kimble Christie

Mr. Tristan Seguin

Elementary Music

Ms. Lisa Duong


Ms. Sarah Seymour

Learning Support

Ms. Trina Wilkie

Ms. Haley Besenski


Ms. Charlotte Airey

Support Staff

School Technologist - Ms. Donna Pearce

Learning Commons Facilitator - Ms. Sandy Stockton

Learning Assistant - Ms. Gloria Bowen

Learning Assistant - Ms. Jodie Cormack

Learning Assistant - Ms. Gisela Guillen

Learning Assistant - Ms. Crystal Kuznak-Hayashi

Learning Assistant - Ms. Raj Kaur

Learning Assistant - Ms. Meagan Mowat

Learning Assistant - Ms. Carly Smith

Learning Assistant - Ms. Lianna Smith

Learning Assistant - Ms. Gene Bangoy

Building Maintenance

Head Building Operator - Mr. Wade Brown

Caretake - Ms. Reyna Vargas

Caretaker - Ms. Lucy Ramos

Caretaker - Ms. Rose Trinidad

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.